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With MapR fire sale, Hadoop’s promise has fallen on hard times

If you go back about a decade, Hadoop was sizzling and getting hotter. It was a platform for processing big-hearted data, just as large-scale data was emerging from the domain of a few web-scale companies to one where every company was suddenly concerned about processing huge amounts of data. The future was light, an open beginning activity with a cluster of startups emerging to fulfill that big data promise in the enterprise.

Three firms including with regard to surfaced out of that early scrum — Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR — and between them collected more than $1.5 billion. The lion’s share of that went to Cloudera in one massive hunk when Intel Capital invested a whopping $740 million in the company. But day have changed.

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Falling hard-boiled

Just yesterday, HPE bought the assets of MapR, a company that wish to raise $ 280 million. The administer was pegged at under $50 million, according to multiple reports. That’s not what you call a health return on investment.

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