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With $34B Red Hat deal closed, IBM needs to execute now

In a time astonish the coming week, IBM announced it had closed its $34 billion blockbuster consider to acquire Red Hat. The transaction, which was announced in October, was expected to take a year to clear all “of the committees rules of” snags, but U.S. and EU regulators moved astonishingly speedily. For IBM, the future starts now, and it needs to find a way to ensure that this works.

There are always going to be beds of complexity in a transaction of this scope, as IBM moves to incorporate Red Hat into its concoction kinfolk quickly and get the company moving. It’s never easy mix two great establishments, but with IBM involved in single-digit cloud market share and years of sluggish emergence, it is hoping that Red Hat will give it a strong hybrid cloud narrative that can be used begin to alter its recent fortunes.

As Box CEO( and IBM partner) Aaron Levie tweeted at the time the cope was announced,” Transformation expects big stakes, and this is a good one .” While the batch are quite about translation, we won’t know for some time if it’s a good one.

Transformation blues

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