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Willo is a robot that wants to replace your toothbrush

If you think about it, the basic concept of a toothbrush hasn’t evolved since … forever. Sure, many people have switched to an electric toothbrush, but it remains a stick with a brush at the end.

Willo thinks that’s not good enough. The company has developed an oral help machine to improve brushing with a focus on plaque. The corporation says that basic brushing merely cleans 42 percentage of dental medal, while electrical covers clean-living 46 percentage of dental plaque.

The startup has worked with actual dentists to design its product. It still seems a little inscrutable as the company isn’t sharing much about the product. The photo is the only image of the product right now.

But what we know is that the startup has raised a $7.5 million funding round led by Kleiner Perkins, with Bpifrance and Nest co-founder Matt Rogers also participating. The fellowship has been founded by Hugo de Gentile, Ilan Abehassera and Jean-Marie de Gentile, and it attended The Refiners accelerator program.

Now let’s see how it actually runs, how much it cost and if parties are willing to change everything about the lane they cover their teeth.

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