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8: William Pote eTop Technology Redlands CA

William Pote - eTop Technology


"It's always hard to change, but it's always the thing that you need to do."
"Value the investment that technology brings, because it can really change the direction of your business."
"If you stopped looking at technology as a cost and instead saw it as an investment, Technology could really drive your business forward dramatically in the next 5-10 years."


In this episode of Shaping The Future Podcast, Gregg speaks with William 'BJ' Pote;
Owner and Founder of eTop Technology. In this episode, BJ talks about some of the issues he's run into while scaling a local IT service business, and how he is working every day to help shape the future of his business and his client's businesses.


[3:18] What was BJ's most difficult experience in business to date?
[6:49] In the beginning of the business, what was the largest barrier BJ had to get over?
[12:41] How is BJ shaping his business future today?
[14:03] BJ's thoughts on the proposed removal of net neutrality by the FCC


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