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Why startups need to be careful about export licenses and the Huawei ban

America is the land of free trade … accurately until it is not. Through a woodland of laws and regulations, the U.S. government has broad regulate over what can get exported to whom, particularly in areas with feelings technology or national security concerns. In general, those restrictions are loose, which is why startups predominantly haven’t had to think about export laws.

That open world is rapidly closing though, and startups could well be “the worlds largest” harmed given that they have limited resources to handle these sorts of administrative processes and the potential enormous sanction fines.

Last week, President Trump signed an executive order requiring that the Department of Commerce initiate a review of regulations and enforcement traditions to ensure that U.S. entities( beings and companies) don’t add “information and communications technology or services” to a “foreign adversary.” That term was read as describing China, although nothing in the order frustrates its expansion to cover other countries in the future.

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