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When will customers start buying all those AI chips?

It’s the best and worst time to be in semiconductors right now. Silicon Valley investors are once again owning up to their namesakes and taking a deep interest in next-generation silicon, with leading lights like Graphcore in the United Kingdom hitting unicorn status while weirdly appointed and stealthy startups like Groq in the Bay Area grow up.

Growth in chips capable of processing artificial intelligence workflows is expected to swell phenomenally over the coming years. As Asa Fitch at the Wall Street Journal mentioned yesterday, “Demand for chippings specialized for AI is growing at such a tempo the industry can barely keep up. Marketings of such chips are expected to double this year to around$ 8 billion and reach more than $ 34 billion by 2023, according to Gartner projections.”

Yet, all those rosy juttings don’t suddenly compile the financial results of corporations like Nvidia any easier to immerse. The company reported its quarterly earnings last week, and the results were weak — pretty much across the board.

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