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This wristband detects an opiate overdose

A project by students at Carnegie Mellon could save lives. Announced the HopeBand, the wristband senses low-grade blood oxygen grades and sends a text content and sounds an alarm if danger is imminent.

“Imagine having a friend who is always watching for signeds of overdose; someone who understands your usage structure and knows when to contact[ someone] for help and make sure you get help, ” student Rashmi Kalkunte told IEEE. “That’s what the HopeBand is designed to do.”

The team earned third place in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Opioid Challenge at the Health 2.0 meet in September and they are planning to send the band to a needle exchange program in Pittsburgh. They hope to sell it for less than $20.

Given the more than 72,000 overdose deaths in America this year, a manoeuvre like this could certainly keep folks a bit safer.

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