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The Tesla Model 3 is finally approved for European roads

Tesla can now deliver Model 3 a motor vehicle is European customers. The automakers midsize sedan was recently granted approval from RDW, the Dutch regulator and European authority tasked by Tesla to approve the vehicle for European roads.

The approval comes time ahead of the vehicle’s European introduction next month. Right now, it’s been reported that a merchandise send full of Model 3s is currently en route to Zeebrugge, Belgium and should arrive around February 2.

The nod from the European governing body was a critical last step. Tesla is clearly racing to get its least expensive vehicle in Europe ahead of the invasion of EVs to be organized by European auto makers.

Last week, Tesla foretold a cost-savings schedule in an attempt to shore up its international Model 3 transmissions. The automaker stated that it was cutting 7 percentage of its full-time laborers. In the email, CEO Elon Musk says the focus must be on delivering “at least the mid-range Model 3 variance in all markets.” He too forewarns those hires not set to be axed that there exist “many companies that can offer a better work-life symmetry, because they are larger and more mature or in manufactures that are not so voraciously competitive.”

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