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The new new web

Over the last five years, almost everything about entanglement proliferation has changed. Oh, the old-fashioned tech still directs, your WordPress and Ruby On Rails locates still run just fine — but they’re increasingly being supplanted by revolutionary new approachings. The content of your browser are being sliced, diced, rendered, and processed in absolutely new ways nowadays, and the territory of artwork is currently in serious flow. What follows is a brief safarus of what I like to call the New New Web 😛 TAGEND Table of Contents

Single-Page Apps Headless CMSes Static Site Generators The JAMStack Hosting and Serverlessness Summary

1. Single-Page Apps

These has now become so much better the norm — our web jobs at HappyFunCorp are almost always single-page apps nowadays — that it’s easy to forget how new and progressive they were when they firstly surfaced, in the days of jQuery running in pages dynamically improved from templates on the server.

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