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The curious case of Slack’s missing $162 million

Slack has filed its S-1 registration statement with the SEC in preparation for its direct register. One interesting dataset that usually comes out of these S-1s is the company’s actual fundraising biography. Slack has raised eight primary rounds( successions -AH ), and 15 rounds total when including individual tranches since it incorporated on February 25, 2009 according to Delaware records.

Now that we have data, we can ask: how did the tech press do in covering the company?

Arman and I being examined by looking at coverage of Slack’s individual rounds of fund on startup report locates and likening those reported digits to the data now is available in the S-1. For the most part, the tech press did decently well, except for one curious, $162 million gap.

The missing Kind D

First, though, a indicate about Form Ds.

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