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Tesla CFO Deepak Ahuja is retiring

At the hind end of Tesla’s earnings call today, Elon Musk threw a surprise chip of story: the company’s CFO, Deepak Ahuja, will be retiring.

” There is no good time to make this change ,” said Ahuja, but have also pointed out that after two back-to-back productive one-quarters , now might be the most wonderful time.

Ahuja firstly performed as Tesla’s CFO from 2008 to 2015, then again from February 2017 on. Zach Kirkhorn, currently Tesla’s VP of Finance, will take over the capacity moving forward.

Elon like to remind you that Ahuja’s retirement” won’t be immediate ,” but didn’t give a specific timeline. He also says that he plans for Ahuja to stay on as a senior advisor” for probably years to come .”

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