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Scott Cathey San Bernardino CA

Scott Cathey Brydenscot Metals


"I am passionate about my faith, my family, and of course my job.”

"Be ready for the unknown circumstances that may come up and bite you in the butt.”

"It is great to put everything in writing especially when it's family.”

"My ideal client is someone who appreciates what we do for them.”

"Employees are our biggest asset - seek advice when you need it."


Scott Cathey is the owner of Brydenscot Metal Products, a family owned metal fabrication business in San Bernardino, California. Brydenscot has been leader and innovator in sheet metal manufacturing and sheet metal fabrication services in Inland Empire for over three decades. They partner with their customers from the drawing and engineering phases, right through manufacturing, producing parts and components to the customers' specifications.

In this episode, Gregg explores Scott’s business journey, successes, challenges, and steps he made to overcome the challenges he faced within his metal fabrication business. Scott also gave sage advice about entrepreneurship and the value of building, leading and orchestrating a successful family business that stands the test of



[01:28] What is Scott is most passionate about in his business?

[01:58] Scott’s struggle when his brother and business partner left, and lessons learned

[04:43] Scott’s business goal for 2018, vision towards company’s growth

[07:17] How Scott started Brydenscot 30 years back, and his driving force to venture into the metal fabrication business?

[16:10] How to connect and network with Scott


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