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Samsung made a vertical TV for watching smartphone videos

So it’s come to this. After years of letter boxes and enraged commenters, the electronics life is eventually giving in and developing hardware designed to view vertical videos. Time to pack it in, the portrait-mode crap-shooters have won, and their honour is this ridiculous 43 -inch TV from Samsung.

The Sero joins a handful of other strange new makes on the flat panel TV, but none speak to the current state of things more than this swiveling rectified. The layout calls to mind Facebook’s high-end portal, with a screen that does double responsibility. There’s landscape for standard viewing and painting for, you guessed it, social media.

It’s a organization targeted mainly at millennials, according to the company’s press material — precisely millennials with money to burn, with a price north of $16,000. Seems like a lot to ask, but what do I know? I’ve been harbouring my phone sideways the whole time.

The quantum-dot QLED situated boasts 4.1 direct audio, 60 -watt talkers and your best friend and mine, Bixby. It’s due out in Korea next month, but I wouldn’t hold my wheeze for a freeing here in the States.

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