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Ricardo Ponce San Bernardino

Ricardo Ponce


"We’re super passionate about helping families."

"There’s always challenges ahead. The tougher they are, the more you get over them, the bigger the reward in the end."

"We don’t have an ideal client. It’s just helping the agents and clients get to the point where they want to be."

"Don’t be afraid to fail."

"I don’t have anything that worries me. I think the big thing is taking on the challenges and not being afraid of taking on them. "


In this episode of Shaping the Future, Ricardo Ponce of Ponce & Ponce Realty talks about his passion for helping the community. Ricardo and his brother help buyers realize the potential for a better life while allowing their agents to reach their full potential. Ricardo also touches on failure, anxiety of the unknown, and how to keep going despite what you may fear.


[01:10] Ricardo’s passion for helping families in the community

[01:37] What Ricardo did to adapt to a new market after the recession

[03:34] Supporting the company, clients, and community in 2018

[05:35] The start of Ricardo’s real estate business and his experience as an entrepreneur

[07:36] Ricardo’s position of helping his clients and agents achieve their goals


Ponce & Ponce Realty

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