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Review: Nomad leather AirPod Rugged Case

In my never-ending quest to wrap everything in dark-brown leather, I’m pleased with this AirPod case from Nomad. It’s simple-minded: time a plastic speciman are covered under dark-brown( or black) skin. But I like it.

This will be short.

The Nomad AirPod Rugged Case supplements a bit attribute to the sterile AirPod housing. Instead of medical-grade white, the instance includes the AirPods in delightful leather.

The case does two things. One, it reaches your AirPod case stand out from the remain, ensuring a love doesn’t mistake your AirPods for their AirPods. Two, the leather includes neat quality to the action, building it a bit easier to grasp.

That’s it. Short. For $29.99, the Nomad AirPod Rugged Case is a lovely upgrade for the AirPods.

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