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Report: Lyft COO Jon McNeill is leaving

Shortly after going public, Lyft is losing one of its top executives, according to a brand-new report from Bloomberg.

Jon McNeill, who joined the ride-hailing business from Tesla about 18 months back, is reportedly stepping down. Lyft declined to comment.

Lyft’s capital( Nasdaq: LYFT) is down nearly 3% on the information. Despite a unstable first month on the public market, Lyft has transactions up the past three months, closing Friday up about 1 %, at $65.52 per share, with a market cap of $18.55 billion.

Of his COO pick, Lyft CEO and co-founder Logan Green said in a statement to be given to TechCrunch last year that” Jon is a world-class leader who creates deep knowledge as a highly successful entrepreneur and manager .”

” Last year, the Lyft community experienced more swelling than in all previous years combined, thriving rides by 2.3 x and increasing market share by more than 50%. Jon is the right leader to build upon this momentum with his unique background of starting fellowships from scratch and overseeing at scale.”

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