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Quoth the Robo-Raven, “Recharge me!”

Researchers at the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering have been working on the so-called Robo Raven for years. The ongoing assignment resulted in the first piloting hum with independent wing gesture, a feature that did these U of M UAV’s closer to fledglings than ever before.

Now Lena Johnson, a Ph.D. nominee in mechanical engineering, has created the Robo Raven V, an advanced version of the piloting drone.

“Robo Raven has given me an part scaffold to explore how architects can take advantage of avian flight to improve drone capabilities, ” she told IEEE < ?A>. “As a Ph.D. student, my experiment is focused on achieving something new with this UAV platform that has already made aviation history by running on wings that can move independently of each other.”

The brand-new raven has two propellers for faster liftoff and has improved maneuverability thanks to better wing motif. As you can see above, it operates like a big butterfly, thinly taking to the gale with massive mylar wings. It’s a pretty- and clever- copy of the typical operating droning and it will be interesting to see how far Johnson can take information and communication technologies .

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