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PBS coming to YouTube TV later this year

YouTube TV has territory another system marriage: PBS. The public broadcaster’s member depots will be able to stream live and o-demand to YouTube TV subscribers beginning last-minute this year, PBS and YouTube announced today.

This is the first digital TV provider partnership for PBS, and the broadcaster is intent upon furnish regional livestreams to” as countless Americans as is practicable” with the move. The partnership will also include PBS KIDS, rendering school and recreation content for children via the programme. All material will be available through YouTube TV video-on-demand, and recordable via its DVR service without limits on how much content users can store, too.

YouTube has had its own share of criticism for the kind of content adolescents may be able to access from its platform, and its said to be considering a number of options for addressing misuse of the programme when it comes to children-focused videos. YouTube TV is distinct from its primary stream video business, nonetheless, and is much more like a traditional over-the-top cable or satellite due, however, with a number of broadcast networks and payment directs ratified on to provide U.S. spectators access for $49.99 per month.

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