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Pablo Fonseca Riverside

Pablo Fonseca


"My joy comes from giving them that peace of mind that they can now cash out and move to the Bahamas."

"Every time this has happened, we’ve learned something more and more so we can avoid it in the future."

"The biggest challenges are always finding the right clients. I think lots of business owners are maybe frustrated and want to sell, but they’re just not sellable."

"You can’t overthink things sometime. You can prepare and plan and try to minimize risk, but you never really avoid all risk."

"America to me is oddly shaped, but it’s opportunity."


In this episode of Shaping the Future, Greg interviews entrepreneur turned successful businessman, Pablo Fonseca of 1-800-Biz-broker.

Pablo opens up and talks about the small details of his business like what his ideal customer can help him accomplish and his approach to gaining online recognition. Pablo also speaks about the big picture, including the emotional reasons he stays in his business, as well as the ever-changing boundaries of America.


[03:05] What Pablo has learned from life’s curveballs

[04:37] The high aspirations of Pablo’s 2018

[06:00] Finding the right balance between quality and value

[07:44] Pablo’s approach to building trust within his business

[12:20] The secret sauce Pablo uses to shape his future



1-800-Biz Broker

About the author, Gregg Kell

Entrepreneur, Business Success Partner and Shaping The Future Podcast Host.

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