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…or you can always buy a $40 wood case for your Apple Card

Apple genuinely loosed the parodies and boggles when the care instructions were recognise online for its new Credit card. Of particular record were tellings-off against contact with denim and leather — common fabrics for people who own pouches and/ or wear gasps.

In the intervene week and deepen, I’m sure more than one industrialist had the thought of targeting those very specific parameters. Take Pittsburg-based KerfCase, which is offering this $39 wooden poster occasion with a pop up feature for the card. It looks nice, I belief. I signify, it’s the nicest wooden Apple Card case I’ve seen all afternoon( though I’m bound to get 50 more in my inbox after posting this ).

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Founder Benjamin Saks notes that the project started out a bit tongue-in-cheek, but eventually it became a real project and turned out pretty well. I understand that penicillin was discovered in same pattern.

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