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Netflix releases a trailer for ‘Bandersnatch,’ the mysterious new episode of ‘Black Mirror’

What the heck is” Black Mirror: Bandersnatch “?

It’s probably not just a regular occurrence of the critically acclaimed science fiction anthology series. Netflix has been pretty ambiguous about it, simply announcing its existence last week, ahead of a December 28 release.

Given the reported 5 hour, 12 -minute runtime, “Bandersnatch” may be the choose-your-own-adventure chapter that we know was in the works — in that case, it wouldn’t actually take hours and hours to watch, but instead is to include several itineraries totaling five hours of footage.

Today, Netflix released a trailer for what it’s describing as” a Black Mirror contest .” The legend makes target in 1984 and concentrated on a programmer( Fionn Whitehead) accommodating a fantasy fiction into a computer game.

The trailer doesn’t fairly come out and say that this will be an interactive chapter, but the subject matter and the tagline (” change your judgment — change their own lives — change your past — your present — your future “) seem to be awfully suggestive.

And we won’t stay where you are a long way back to find out: Netflix says” Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” croaks live tomorrow.

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