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Misty Reyes Norco CA



"My passion specifically is being able to provide services to families in a time of need."

"We try to raise the level of service and compassion to our families to what you would give to your own family."

"My concerns are making sure that I did everything in my power to ensure that the families we serve feel we did our best."

"I can’t say I failed if I didn’t try."

"If you have to think about it, your answer should be ‘no.’"


In this episode of Shaping the Future Podcast, Gregg Kell interviews Misty Reyes, funeral director of Norco Family Funeral Home in Norco, California.

Misty talks about every type of growth in the death care industry, whether it be growing your own business or acknowledging the growth of the industry itself. Misty tells us where she made mistakes and where she has thrived, all leading to the expansion of her business and the number of families she can help.


[01:30] The innovative growth in the death care industry today

[03:44] Misty’s business expansion that spread her too thin, compromising the quality of her services

[07:07] How Misty measures her success

[08:00] The challenges Misty has reaching out to her local community

[11:19] How fear held Misty back at the beginning of creating her business and how she is continuing to overcome that.


Norco Family Funeral Home

Contact Misty at: (951) 898-1013

Norco Family Funeral Home

About the author, Gregg Kell

Entrepreneur, Business Success Partner and Shaping The Future Podcast Host.

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