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Mike Stevenson Loma Linda CA | Import Automotive Loma Linda

Mike Stevenson, Import Automotive


"As a business owner, you cannot assume anything. You’ve got to constantly keep your eyes on the chess pieces. You’ve got to watch the money coming in and out and pay attention to the bottom line.”

"Signing a check is a mental thing, as I see them. I know each of my expenses are and it keeps me aware and allows me to be on top of each expense.”

"Money is a flow. It tends to flow away faster than the flow towards you.”

"If he can do it, I can do it!”

"An ideal client is someone who understands that owning a car is more than paying for it!”


Mike Stevenson is the owner of Import Automotive, a 40-year old one-stop shop in the Loma Linda, California area. Mike’s company covers all auto repair and service needs, including engine tune-ups and warranty maintenance. The size of the problem doesn't matter—they'll gladly take it on.

In this episode, Gregg explores Mike’s business journey, successes, challenges, and steps he made to overcome the curveballs he faced within his car business.


[00:51]        Mike’s personal and entrepreneurial background, Import Auto’s business journey, challenges he faced as the leader of the auto business, and how struggles helped him in his journey to success

[05: 36]        What are Mike’s goals for 2018?

[08: 48]        Why Mike established Import Automotive

[23: 11]        How to connect and network with Mike


Here at Import Automotive we strive to provide a “hassle free” piece-of-mind driving experience for our clients, while creating a business culture that allows our team members to achieve their highest level of performance.  We understand the meaning of "customer service".  We know that to earn your trust you demand to be treated fairly, professionally and with respect!  That's not too much to ask.

Offered to new customers; $20 off of your first service visit.


Michael Stevenson AAM, Owner
Import Automotive, Loma Linda, CA. 
Bosch Authorized Service Center 
AAA Approved Auto Repair 
Pronto Auto Service Center 
Maintaining Excellence Since 1976 
Ph. 909-796-0803
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About the author, Gregg Kell

Entrepreneur, Business Success Partner and Shaping The Future Podcast Host.

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