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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 gets a processor boost

A gentle little update from Microsoft overnight, as the company bumped up a key spec on its 13. 5-inch Surface Book 2. The 2017 two-in-one powerhouse is coming a neat little enhance to Intel’s 8th-gen quad-core i5 chip.

That model leads $1,499 and includes 256 GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. Bumping up to the 8th-gen Core i7 and 512 GB of storage, meanwhile, will pass you $1,000 more. The 7th-gen Core i5 is protruding around, meanwhile, at $200 off.

The news is a confirmation of recent rumors that the company planned to upgrade the design, though things are otherwise staying the same as previous generations. As with the most recent Apple announcements, the bulletin wasn’t really big enough to warrant its own big-hearted edict.

Notably, the company also has an event coming up in New York in a couple of weeks, though that’s expected to focus on the Surface Hub 2, which was announced last-place fall.

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