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Microsoft’s $7.5BN GitHub buy gets green-lit by EU regulators

Microsoft’s strategy buy of Git-based system sharing and partnership work, GitHub, has been given an absolute greenlight from European Union regulators.

The software giant announced plans to handbag GitHub back in June, saying it would shell out $7.5 billion in stock to do so. At the time it also obligated: “GitHub will retain its developer-first ethos and will operate independently to provide an open platform for all developers in all industries .”

The European Commission approved the scheme today, saying its assessment had concluded there used to be no adverse impact on competitor in the related marketplaces, owing to the compounded entity continuing to face” substantial rival “.

In particular, it said it looked at whether Microsoft would have the ability and incentive to considerably integrate its own devops tools and cloud business with GitHub while restriction integration with third party tools and services.

The Commission ended Microsoft would have no incentive to undercut the GitHub’s openness — saying any attempt to do so would reduce its ethic for makes, who the Commission judged as inclined and be permitted to was changed to other platforms.

Microsoft has already been said it expects the acquisition to close before the end of the year.

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