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Microsoft to shut down HockeyApp

Microsoft announced plans to shut down HockeyApp and supplant it with Visual Studio App Center. The corporation bought the startup behind HockeyApp back in 2014. And if you’re still abusing HockeyApp, the services offered will officially shut down on November 16, 2019.

HockeyApp was a service that let you distribute beta different versions of your app, get slam reports and analytics. There are other same SDKs, such as Google’s Crashlytics, TestFairy, Appaloosa, DeployGate and native beta distribution channels( Apple’s TestFlight and Google Play Store’s beta feature ).

Microsoft hasn’t actually been disguising its proposal to shut down the service. Last-place year, the company called App Center “the future of HockeyApp”. The busines have now been cloning your HockeyApp projections into App Center for a while.

It doesn’t means that you’ll find the same is available in App Center just yet. The busines has put up a sheet with a feature roadmap. Let’s hope that Microsoft has enough time to secrete everything before HockeyApp shuts down.

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