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Lyft launches surge-free, shared rides

Somewhat same to Uber’s Express Pool alternative, Lyft time launched Shared Saver to help people waste less fund for shared moves. But what originates Lyft’s alternative more attractive is that riders will never knowledge spate pricing.

” You’ll lock in the lowest expenditures, always — even when it’s busy ,” Lyft wrote in a blog pole today.

Shared Saver travels necessitate customers to walk to a marked getaway spot, which will be a maximum of a few impedes apart, to meet your driver and co-riders. Same get for your drop-off location.

Lyft’s long-term plan implies urging more people to take shared goes. Last-place June, Lyft revised its app to doshared razzes much more visible. As of June 2018, 35 percent of Lyft rides were shared. Lyft’s goal is to hit 50 percent shared moves by 2020, Lyft VP of Government Relations Joseph Okpaku told TechCrunch at the time.

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