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Lucas Manning Redlands CA | Fox Dance Studio

Lucas Manning - Fox Dance Studio Redlands


"It extends beyond dancing, I am passionate about creation and the creative process.”

"I am always thinking about how we can find people to create and shape a world, a business setting that we can all be proud of.”

"I came to the time, where I had to decide I wasn’t going to pay myself to keep the business running.”

“When I started looking at the business more in terms of motivating my employees this, in turn, shaped the operations of my company and allowed us to begin progressing forward.”

“Look towards yourself, look deeper into the problem and try not to play the blame game.”


Lucas Manning is the co-owner and COO of Fox Dance Studio in Redlands, California. His dance studio offers a personalized experience to express creativity through dance.

In this episode, Gregg discusses Lucas’ business journey, successes, challenges, and steps he made to overcome the challenges he faced within his dance studio. Lucas also shares his passion to teach and celebrate creativity through dance, especially to younger generation.


[02:10]    Lucas' peaks and valleys running his dance studio, his worst experience being the leader of Fox, his financial and operational hardships that made him dig deep within his leadership capabilities, and how his experiences help him to reach success

[05:01]    Lucas' business goal for 2018; Their 2 main goals for the dance studio

[06:47]    What are the current challenges Lucas and the dance studio is facing? How does Lucas plan to overcome all of them?

[17:01]    How to Connect and Network with Lucas



About the author, Gregg Kell

Entrepreneur, Business Success Partner and Shaping The Future Podcast Host.

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