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Lendix is now called October

French startup Lendix is changing its identify to October. The firm is employing this opportunity to redesign its labelling resources and refresh the design of the website for brand-new users. The commodity remain the same — a lending stage connecting individual and institutional investors with small and medium sized companies.

October had to change its figure for numerous rationales, including the fact that Lendix voices a little bit extremely French for a company that wants to become a European supervisor. But the company consumed this opportunity to move away from its original, pretty boring list. Lendix is a straightforward figure that suggests that it’s all about giving money.

But there are so many companies with “lend” in their honours that it quickly became a harm — Lendopolis, Unilend, Lendosphere, LendingClub…

October is easy to understand and to write down in a casual conversation. If the company are intending to branch out and start offering other business products, it won’t be awkward.

That’s about it. I just wanted to note the change given that I’ve clothed October a few periods over the years.

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