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7: Jim Husen Riverside CA Attorney

Jim Husen


"The people I have met along the way broadened my horizons."
"It's fun to figure stuff out on a deeper level."
"It's important to be able to adapt and change."


Jim Husen is a Forensic Psychologist, focused on Child Custody Evaluations. He is a man of transition, with a career spanning Missionary, to Pastor, to Lawyer, to Therapist. In this episode, we'll cover the long process of trial and error Jim had to take to get to where he is now, and how he discovered his heart in ensuring the safety and security of children growing up in abusive homes.


[3:01] What is the biggest challenge Jim faced in his legal career, prior to his career change?
[8:11] Jim's process of getting out of a rut and transitioning from lawyer to his new career
[14:23] What are some of the biggest challenges Jim faces now?


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