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Jim Ferraro Riverside

Jim Ferraro Riverside


"I believe if you’re not growing, you’re dying."

"You always have to be aware that each contract does have a life."

"I was willing to do what other people weren’t willing to do."

"I’m looking for someone who’s looking for a quality service and somebody who’s looking for a long-term relationship that can grow."

"Don’t try to take what they want, a square, and put it into a round hole because it’s what you think they need."


In this episode of Shaping the Future Podcast, Gregg interviews Jim Ferraro, owner of Executive Facility Services in Riverside, CA, a building maintenance and janitorial business that serves a number of areas across California.

It isn’t just about gaining new clients and making more money for Jim. Jim’s values are set around helping others achieve what they desire. Today, Jim shares how he is encouraging growth, whether it be through his clients, his employees, or his business.


[01:45] Jim’s passion for growth.

[02:37] How Jim learned to not overestimate the life of each contract.

[04:37] How Jim is helping his managers grow into true professionals.

[08:05] Jim’s fearless leap into starting his own business.

[10:17] Delivering quality service to your clients by giving them what they desire.


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