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Roughly four months after’s billionaire CEO Richard Liu was arrested and later released by Minneapolis police on distrust of suspect sex malpractice, local authorities say they will not be blaming him in a sex misbehavior case. In a statement, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said it was not possible to prove beyond a rational skepticism the charges made against Liu.

“As is the case in countless sexual assault happens, it was a involved situation, ” said Freeman in the release. “It is also same to other sexual assault clients with the accused maintaining the fornication was consensual.”

An attorney for the accuser — a Chinese undergraduate who was studying at the University of Minnesota this descent — reminded in an interview with the WSJ that” her storey will be told .”

According to audio recordings is under consideration by the WSJ, the woman told police that she accompanied a dinner with Liu and his associates on August 30 th, and that Liu crimes her in her home afterward., one of China’s largest online retailers, has from the outset called the accusations unsubstantiated, with Liu disclaiming all wrongdoing.

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