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Google says Assistant will be on a billion devices by the end of the month

As with Android, Google’s goal with its voice-driven AI helper, Google Assistant, is to get onto onto machines. Slews and lots of devices.

And they’re making jolly damned good progress there. Ahead of CES this morning, Google descended a bit stat modernize: Google expects Assistant to be on 1 billion devices total by the end of this month.

That’s up from around 400M machines this time a year ago.

Google first announced Assistant back in May of 2016. By October of that time, they’d went it out to the Pixel/ Pixel XL; nowadays, it’s on TVs, smart loudspeakers, tablets, smart watches, and just about every new Android phone that makes the market.

It’s hard to know exactly how many actual consumers this is in accordance with — but it’s definitely not a billion. On one side, numerous Google Assistant users maybe have it on multiple manoeuvres simultaneously, be it their phone, their tablets, Google Homes around their room, etc. On the other, countless manoeuvres — specially Google Homes — are meant to be used by various customers throughout the day. Google will simply say that active useds are up” 4 days over the past year “.

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