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Gogoro announces Yamaha, Aeon and PGO are the first manufacturers that will use its swappable batteries in their own scooters

Gogoro, the Taiwanese electrical vehicle company, has announced its firstly creating collaborators. Yamaha, Aeon Motor and PGO will all opening brand-new scooters the summer months that run on Gogoro’s swappable batteries and blaming infrastructure.

This means buyers who like Gogoro’s battery organisation will have a choice between buying Gogoro’s own scooters or scooters from its three marriages. All scooters that use Gogoro’s energy network can exchange batteries at the 1,300 GoStations currently in Taiwan.

Beyond its own electrical scooters, Gogoro determines its technology, most of which is developed in-house, as an open pulpit for electrical vehicles, with the goal of reducing pollution in municipalities with heavy traffic. It recently launched a ride-sharing platform that can be used as a white-label solution by companies that want to propel their own electric scooter sharing planned( Gogoro’s scooters are already use by Coup, the European ride-sharing startup ).

For a deeper look into the company’s origins and means, Extra Crunch subscribers can read a recently published interview with Gogoro co-founder and CEO Horace Luke.

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