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Glenn Douglas of LA Custom Pools and Spas, Inc. in Yucaipa CA


"It’s not a matter of overcoming; it’s a matter of pursuing."

"It’s all hard work. It’s a great business plan. It’s long hours, long evenings, early mornings. It’s a path you choose to take."

"I’ve gotten so much feedback over the years that generates positive energy that drives me every day."

"Their backyard environment is more than just a vessel in the ground."

"What my clients will get from me is the truth. I will tell them what they don’t want to hear. I will tell them what actually should be. And I will tell them I will take care of things. I will never tell them something I cannot do."


In this episode of Shaping the Future Podcast, Gregg Kell interviews Glenn Douglas, CEO of LA Custom Pools and Spas, Inc. in Yucaipa.

Glenn doesn’t just build pools; he creates an environment for an outdoor experience. Glenn’s business is all about getting to know his customers so that he is able to help them build new spaces that compliment the places where they already live, love, and play.



[01:45] Glenn’s passion for his industry and creating unique environments for his clients

[03:56] The disciplines you have and how they can either carry you through or turn you away when trouble strikes

[07:30] How to grow your business with the demand for your industry

[14:26] Crossing the gap between working for others to becoming an entrepreneur

[18:56] The idea of honesty that has pushed Glenn to success




About the author, Gregg Kell

Entrepreneur, Business Success Partner and Shaping The Future Podcast Host.

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