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GE’s new light bulbs work with Google Assistant without a hub

What’s that you say, acquaintance? Haven’t got enough Google news for the day? Have no anxiety. Here’s a little added from the folks at General Electric. The companionship announced this afternoon that its C by GE bulbs are the first to carry Made for Google certification.

That wants the bulb will work with Google Home devices right out of the box, without the would be required for a smart dwelling hub — which is nice, since nothing of the entryway grade inventions boast the functionality. Bolt the bulb in, and the Home device should identify it automatically, letting you turn it on and off via expres dominates. That all happens via a bluetooth acquaintance.

For good weigh, the companies will be offering up a parcel featuring the Home Mini and pre-paired. That are able to range $55. The brand-new Google-ready bulbs will punch retail on October 22. Two-packs of the C-Life and C-Sleep bulbs will flow $25 and $35, respectively.

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