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Gearard LeFore Redlands CA | Farmers Insurance Agency in Redlands Review

Gearard LeFore Redlands CA | Farmers Insurance Agency in Redlands


"My biggest thing that I find within my industry passion is that people are uneducated about their insurances. They’re not necessarily making the best choices for their family.”
"People are making their choices based on price, not on logic.”
"We believe in a sound future including financial, health and general wellbeing.”
"You're going to have setbacks, but you cannot have time off.”
"My biggest advice for you to grow is READ! Read a book every day. Read something positive, uplifting, and that can feed your mind.”


Gearard LeFore is the owner of Farmers Insurance in Redlands, CA. He helps his clients identify the insurance coverage that best fits their needs. He not only prides on helping people to plan wisely for the unexpected, but also on helping clients restore order when faced with inevitable challenges.

In this episode, Gregg explores Gearard’s personal and professional journey in the insurance industry. They talk about the leap he took to transition from corporate to being an insurance agency owner. Gearard shares the challenges and setbacks he had and how he overcome them to pursue his passion on helping people, especially families in the insurance field.


[00:39] Gearard’s personal and career background, and his passion in educating people about personal finance and insurance.

[2:48] Gerard shares his worst experience as an agency owner, his personal and business curveballs that made him lose his loop, how he bounced back and overcome his struggles, his biggest takeaways

[09:50] Gearard’s goals and commitment in 2018 in terms of personal and insurance industry wise, what challenges he sees now in terms of helping the 50 families that he plans to help through insurance service in 2018, and how he plans to overcome these challenges

[10:36] Gearard’s leap from the corporate world to being  an insurance agency owner, the challenges and setbacks that he faced, and his turning point to leave 401K and company benefits to pursue his passion to help people

[17:17] How Gearard sees women to be treated in the community from a societal stand point; his biggest advice to develop oneself in terms of personal, professional and business perspective


As a Man Thinketh- James Allen

About the author, Gregg Kell

Entrepreneur, Business Success Partner and Shaping The Future Podcast Host.

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  1. Gregg Kell on 12/12/2017 at 7:55 AM

    Gearard’s insights on building a successful business and life are on display in this podcast.

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