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First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs TX Shooting

First Baptist Church - Breaking News

SPECIAL EDITION: This is Gregg Kell on Monday November 6 with a breaking news event striking at the heart of our nation. We at Shaping the Future believe America’s at a tipping point.  What direction will we go? As citizens, we’re obliged to gently shape America’s future in a positive and peaceful direction. Will you contribute to this nationwide conversation and help shape our nation’s future?

26 People Killed

On Sunday November 5, a rifle bearing shooter committed a heinous act of violence in the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs TX.

He killed 26 people including children and a pregnant mother of 3.  He also wounded another 20 worshipers.  TX Governor Greg Abbot called this the largest shooting in Texas history. Horrific!

A Biblical Perspective

Open the bible and read this verse:  Romans 8:28.  You may find solace there.

Future Shapers Unite

OK, Future Shapers, let’s engage in the national conversation, help our nation heal and shape America’s future in a loving and positive direction.

I have questions, do you?

  1. How should we react to this evil?
  2. How could a loving God allow his faithful to be gunned down in a house of worship.
  3. Why did this evil happen?
  4. How could a man’s heart grow so cold that he could kill so many innocent people?
  5. What does this incident say about the character of our nation?
  6. Who know and failed to stop this rampage?
  7. How should we as Americans respond?
  8. Here’s my last and biggest question:  What is America to you?

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we must be prepared for circumstances.  I recommend the very insightful blog post on Arkside entitled Statement after a Tragedy – Good and Bad by Amanda Johnson.

As citizens, may I ask this favor?  Please comment and add your voice to this national dialogue as we come to grips with this tragedy.


Statement after a Tragedy - Good and Bad by Amanda Johnson

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