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David and Goliath: Approaching the ‘deal’

Adam Zagaris


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Adam Zagaris is an advocate, partner and founder at Moonshot Legal, specializing in commercial-grade contracts. Adam cures startups close agreements and move further and to the right.

It is a simple question with a complex reaction. How does a startup get from zero to implementation when negotiating agreements with possible patrons that are large firms? The 800 -pound gorillas. Places in which your negotiating leverage is limited( often dangerously so ).

As a commercial-grade contracts lawyer, consumers often ask students about the one freedom nature to approach transactions. Many “re looking for” a chisel expanse of universal periods they should push for in contracts. But there is no one answer.

Deals are not cookie-cutter, and neither are the contracts on which they are built. That said, a basic fabric can help provide startups with some footing to better think about negotiations with gigantic enterprises. The thought is to avoid over-lawyering, and instead approach the discussion with a legally prudent more deal-centric mindset.

There are generally six overarching considerations as you honcho into negotiations with enormous, firm organizations.

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