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Cybersecurity 101: Five simple security guides for protecting your privacy

With hundreds of millions of people home for the holidays , now is a better period than ever to spread good tidings and praise, and — well, some much-needed defence admonition for all the family.

Security sounds involved, but it doesn’t have to be. Privacy is more important than ever. With an ever-changing and constantly evolving terrain of threats and hacks, violates and vulnerabilities, there’s no better occasion of the year to help your family steer some of the most basic but successful certificate tips.( Let’s face it, you two are bound to end up being announced on for tech funding at some item anyway .)

We’ve put together five how-to guides embracing cybersecurity fundamentals that anyone can learn — and everyone should learn, including 😛 TAGEND

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Gift Guide: The good security and privacy tech to keep your friends safe

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