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Blue launches a $100 XLR mic

Blue has done a find enterprise carving a niche for itself in the burgeoning life of amateur podcasters. The company’s USB microphones like the Yeti and Snowball have become a stable among those establish pictures with limited experise and budgetary questions.

This week at CES, the company( now a part of Logitech) offered an interesting take on its existing order with the Ember, a stick mic that swaps USB for the more ubiquitous( in the field covered by audio, at the least) XLR.

The device retains the company’s familiar retro motif and price quality, coming in a penny under $100. It’s an interesting take on the category, and perhaps a developing niche as countless consumers look to take a gradation toward a even more serious audio setup.

Of course, the company’s got a lot more competition on the XLR microphone, from linchpins like Shure, whose popular SM-5 7 rates right around the same and Rode, which has also been attaining some cogent podcasting mics. The Ember boasts a cardiod pickup designed to pick up the speaker’s audio and not ambient room racket.

Blue’s offering is accessible on pre-order and is to begin send in April.

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