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Bird will launch electric scooters in 50+ European cities

Bird is gearing up to opening in more than 50 added metropolis throughout Europe this spring.

Bird began its expansion into Europe less than one year ago. Today, Bird operates its scooters in Paris, Brussels, Vienna, Zurich and other European municipals. This launch will increase its European fleet size more than ten-fold.

“World class labels and companies have the perfect formula of economics and the ability to grow and proportion ,” Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden said in a statement.” As we expand Bird’s global footprint, we will demonstrate unrivaled innovation, has pledged to equestrians, vicinities and metropolitans and functional excellence while generating an explosive drain proportion. This formula will drive great influence and progress on our mission to perform our cities and communities more congenial .”

This comes about one month after Bird laid off between four to five percent of its workforce. The layoffs were part of Bird’s annual concert remember process and exclusively altered U.S.-based hires. Those laid off were eligible for separation, including health and medical benefits.

Bird has raised more than $400 million in funding to date and is supposedly in the midst of raising an additional $300 million.

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