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Baillie Gifford’s Charles Plowden on 110 years of investing

“It is our contention that the investment industry is also available experiencing a crest of its own, in this case the degree of the maximum pace at which it extracts quality from its clients’ resources. Let’s call it Peak Gravy.” That’s a recent paraphrase from Tom Coutts, who is one of a few dozen partners at Baillie Gifford( See Arman Tabatabai’s profile now ). It’s also typical of the provocative sentiments to be presented by this band of fund overseers who are based in Edinburgh, but scour the nations of the world looking for opportunities.

WTF is Baillie Gifford ?

In an effort to distinguish its point of view, the conglomerate has introduced the quite eyebrow-raising tagline, “We’re actual investors.” For many US technology beholders, though, Baillie Gifford is known for its investments in unicorns. But as Extra Crunch’s executive editor Danny Crichton and I found out in a recent conversation with Charles Plowden( one of two elderly partners and the superior of the firm’s asset districts ), there’s much more to the narrative and motives behind this unique 110 -year-old partnership that’s still going strong.

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