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AT&T says it’s getting that 5G Samsung phone, too

Samsung announced yesterday that it’s set to creating a 5G telephone to sell in the first half of next year, name-checking Verizon in the promise. This morning, nonetheless, AT& T was quick to document that it will also be getting its hand on the still-unnamed handset in the first half of 2019.

The carrier problem a next-day press release which, like Verizon’s, is less focused on information about the handset than self-congratulatory affirmations about the two companies committed. AT& T promises “unforeseen possibilities for the tech, ” while guaranteed to” bring the best in engineering and innovation to our customers.”

The company’s too quick to note that the untitled Samsung isn’t its first contrived 5G invention. That title belongs to a portable hotspot the company announced back in October. The fellowship hasn’t offered up a freeing time on that one, but the first half of 2019 seems like a moderately safe bet for that make, too.

As indicated yesterday, business like OnePlus and Motorola had previously been promised to liberate 5G handsets at some time next year. Apple, on the other hand, isn’t expected to go 5G with the iPhone until 2020.

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