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AT&T is lying to customers with 5G marketing

After a recent update some AT& T telephones now have a 5G E icon. This icon ousts the one marked the phone is running on a 4G network. But here’s the thing: The phone is still on a 4G structure. AT& T has played these plays before, too.

This nonsense is a marketing ploy by AT& T. The so-called 5G E( 5G Evolution) network is just a beefed-up 4G network and not true 5G, which is still far from being ready for general uptake. AT& T exerted the same misleading tricks before propelling its LTE network.

Right now simply hand-picked phones in a few sells will see the change. The wireless carrier had any plans to roll out this madness to even more telephones and even more markets throughout the year.

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