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Apple sends out invites for March 25 ‘special event’

Apple sent out invites to reporters this afternoon for a March 25 special happening at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

Reports have expressed the view that the company will focus its keynote on the contents side of its business. The invite offers some pretty heavy-handed inklings that the video content service will be on full display at the happen, mainly a movie spool countdown timer that eventually divulges the utterance “It’s show time.”

Here’s a gif of the living YD3QZLi9Kf

— Matthew Panzarino (@ panzer) March 11, 2019

Apple has been seeding one tonne of TV displays and delivering abundance of announcements about the content that it has in the pipeline, but we’ve strangely sounded fairly little about the underlying programme or subscription that Apple has planned beyond media reports.

There’s also been some discussion about a subscription business for Apple News being announced here, but given the quite overt marketing invokes to the video service, the bulletin commodity might either not be quite ready or could be playing second fiddle to the video advertisements. Speaking of back burner, hardware announcements feel unlikely, though AirPower and a second-generation AirPods feel long overdue.

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