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Apple fixes Walkie Talkie app vulnerability in watchOS update

If you are, for some reason, an enthusiastic Walkie Talkie user on the Apple Watch, you will be pleased to learn that the functionality is back in the latest watchOS update today. The watchOS 5.3 release greenbacks be said that updated information “[ p] rovides important certificate updates including a reparation for the Walkie-Talkie app .”

The feature was notably disabled practically two weeks ago after Apple discovered a vulnerability, one which was unspecified but was clearly serious enough for them to quickly pull one of the hallmark updates of watchOS 5.

Apple incapacitates Walkie Talkie app due to vulnerability that could allow iPhone eavesdropping

If you’re not familiar, the Walkie Talkie app admits two users to send short-lived push-to-talk chat senses to each other. It’s a nice method to reduce the complexity of using the Apple Watch as a full-featured communications implement, speeding up the process of mail meanings, rather than employ expression transcription.

The update is available now.

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