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Anki’s Vector is getting Alexa access next week

Vector’s previously got the charming part down, kindnes of a team staffed by former Pixar and DreamWorks animators. But Anki’s grownup copy of Cozmo can use a bit of help when it is necessary to smarts. Starting next week, the desktop robot will be able to tap into Amazon Alexa’s deep cornerstone of answers.

The brand-new facet will arrive as a software update on December 17. As evidenced by the preview video below, it’s not a direct incorporated in Vector’s AI personality. “Hey Vector” will get you written answers from the familiar robot face, while “Alexa” will pop up a blue-blooded ring.

From there, you can do the standard regalium of Alexa features, from providing remembrances to verifying smart home maneuvers. Though, as the company mentions, a handful of performs won’t be available at open, including music stream, Drop In, Calling and Kindle and Audible pieces.

Just in time for the holidays, the brand-new adds-on should still stir Vector a bit more useful daytime to date, expanding functionality beyond an adorable rolling robotic newspaper force.

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