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Anker announces a new speaker, projector and tiny wall charger

Master of all things gadget accessory, Anker announced a handful of brand-new produces at an happen tonight in Manhattan. The biggest/ smallest of the assortment is the PowerPort Atom, a compact wall charger to take in order to free up rooms around an store.

The $ 30 manoeuvre sports a USB-C port and is smaller than most standard smartphone chargers. Still, the company says it should backpack enough wattage to blame a Nintendo Switch, or even a MacBook. With a 27 w yield, though, that will likely take a while. No launch time has been set for that one.

The Model Series, meanwhile, is the decidedly staid list for the company’s new Bluetooth speaker series. The first entry in the line is the donut-shaped Model Zero +, which boasts Dolby Audio, Google Assistant functionality and Google Assistant built in. The Model Zero, meanwhile, has fewer pieces but double the battery life. They’ll lead $200 and $250 when they arrive late next month.

The last-place of the knot is a sequel to Anker’s Nebula Capsule Mini Projector. The second edition athletics 1280 x 720 solving, reinforces Google Assistant and auto-focuses in about one second. This one’s actually launching as a Kickstarter campaign tomorrow. Early-bird pricing starts at $349.

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