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Andrew Malik | Silvertoken

Andrew Malik, Silvertoken Founder


"It’s a time where everything’s so delicate. We see the economy doing great, but is it doing that great if the dollar’s not doing well?"

"You have to have confidence in yourself, and you can’t second-guess yourself."

"You can’t be afraid to fail. Even if you do fail, it’s like ‘who cares?’ Everyone fails at something at some point, so why not get it over with?"

"[The ideal customer is] someone who really understand the value of money."

"I think generally, the challenges I face are what needs to get done."


In this episode of Shaping the Future, Greg interviews Andrew Malik, co-founder of Silvertoken. Andrew and his partners have found a way to make cryptocurrency more secure by adding a physical dimension--silver.

Andrew speaks about the delicacy of currency and how the future of Silvertoken can provide others with peace of mind, all while leading his team with tenacity, vision, and a concrete plan to help shape the future and change the world.


[03:09] Andrew’s passion for money and how it works

[08:24] The importance of keeping a strong level of communication

[10:14] The future of Silvertoken in 2018

[11:56] Why marketing as the biggest hurdle for Silvertoken

[17:02] Why Andrew created Silvertoken


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